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WIB is an online tool that shows the best innovative concepts gathered around the world.

Team of analysts regularly analyzes the 450 international companies with innovation potential, including FINTECH companies. The database includes over 500 concepts and grows every month.

It tests innovative news in an unlimited number of colleagues and automatically creates a prioritization report where the user sees the best rated concepts and individual ratings. Distribution is provided via online link. The database is available on mobile devices and PCs.

Innovations of the month

New WIB campaign Innovations of the month brings you each month  up to 5 innovations from world from different industries, so everyone could find something which he/she likes.

Check it and get inspired right now! Those ideas are free of charge.

In case you would like to know more, get many more ideas from your industry or certain market you can always upgrade for full version, contact us for more information.




The best innovations from the world within 90 days of launch.


Information about the best innovation in the field of your interest 4 times a year.


Access to concepts is both mobile and PC friendly and for an unlimited number of employees.

Real-time feedback

You will get the prioritization report online within 24 hours of filling without having to do complicated workshops.


We build long-term relationships with our clients.


  • Zdeněk Šperka

    Chief Financial Officer
    The biggest asset of Byzkids is a creative and structured view on sales process and their detailed knowledge of Czech market and its products.
  • Pavel Los

    Chairman of the Board of directors
    Byzkids is our long term innovation partner. Their methods generate ideas which are attractive for customers and easily implementable. This year they have arranged innovation workshop for 7 teams from 7 countries and 450 participants for us.”
  • byzkids-klienti-erste-group

    Johaness Říha

    Group Retail Business Development CEE
    Thanks to WIB we were able to create a new innovation process in the whole ERSTE group.
  • byzkids-klienti-mnd

    Jiří Škorvaga

    Group Retail Expert at KKCG a.s.
    When we were searching for pricing consultants, Byzkids company was logically our first choice as we had possitive experience with them from other projects and companies. After the consultation, we agreed to start with a pricing audit. The project ended successfully because we quickly got pricing to core competencies of our company and have started to build it on solid foundations and with clear vision.
  • Michal Strcula

    CEO at Air Bank
    Competitive advantage of Byzkids is in people with real experience and flexible approach.

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